G. B. Sammartini | Il Pianto degli Angeli della Pace

Il Pianto degli Angeli della Pace Giovanni Battista SAMMARTINI (1700/01-1775)

Cantata per musica JC 119
Critical edition edited by Marina Vaccarini Gallarani

LIM Editore, Lucca
Collection of Italian Music from the Eighteenth Century
in collaboration with Società Italiana di Musicologia.

Scientific Board:
Alberto Basso, Mariateresa Dellaborra, Teresa Gialdroni, Friedrich Lippmann, Guido Salvetti, Agostino Ziino


Il Pianto degli Angeli della Pace (J-C 119) is the third cantata of the Lent cycle of 1751 composed by Giovanni Battista Sammartini for the Congregazione del Santissimo Entierro di Nostro Signore Gesù  which had its headquarters in the church of San Fedele in Milan. Of the over two hundred cantatas that Sammartini might have composed for the Congregation, of which he was Chapel Master from 1728 to 1773, only the complete scores for eight cantatas remain: the entire cycle for the five Fridays of Lent of 1751, and three surviving cantatas of the cycle of 1759. The complete critical edition of the eight cantatas edited by the Fondazione Arcadia is in progress: the fifth of 1759 (L’Addolorata Divina Madre) and the first of 1751 (Il Pianto di San Pietro) have already been published; with the second of 1751, soon to be printed, this third cantata of 1751 and those following which are currently being prepared, it is intended to complete the project.

The critical edition of the eight cantatas is based on the examination and on the integration of all the sources that are at this time available. In the specific case of the J-C 119 cantata: the two complete manuscript copies conserved at the Stiftsbibliothek of Einsiedeln, Benediktinerkloster (Musikbibliothek), and at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek of Munich (Musiksammlung) compiled by Sigismund Keller, Benedictine Father of the convent of Einsiedeln respectively between 1873 and 1875 and in 1880; the instrumental introduction of the cantata corresponding to the first movement of an overture which has come down to us in a manuscript source of the Eighteenth century held in the Borromeo private Archive of Isola Bella (Lago Maggiore); the printed librettos are kept at the Braidense National Library of Milan and at the Nàrodni Muzeum, Hudebni Oddéleni of Prague.

Fondazione Arcadia