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Accademia d’Arcadia is not only involved in performances of selected repertoire, but also presents special projects.
These are performances connected to a specific theme|repertoire, or multimedia shows, realized in cooperation with young emerging artists.
Every project is devoted to a major Italian culture of the Seventeenth century (in various fields).
For every projet, the menu on the left lets you surf through various pages (trailers, audio, gallery, etc.)


      • Artemisia project: Et manchi pietà
        Artemisia Gentileschi and the music of her time. Early music & video art.
        In cooperation with Anagoor (Silver Lion at Venezia’s Biennale – Teatro, 2018)

      • Galileo project: The order of the eye
        plinary performance of early music | electronic music | storytelling and videoart
        In coperation with Gianmaria Sortino. Christian de Rosa, voiceover

      • Grandi Project:
        a.Celesti fiori (the motets)
        b.Lætatus sum (the psalms)

        Rediscovery of the work of Alessandro Grandi, Monteverdi’s deputy at San Marco. Concerts, CD recordings, Conferences.

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