Fondazione Arcadia, as outlined in its by-laws, is actively engaged in promoting study and knowledge of  Italian music of the XVII and XVII century through research, revision and the publication of critical editions of music works, and through the organization of conventions, seminars and conferences.

The musicological activities are directed by the Editorial board that carries on advisory, programming and verification functions.

Editorial board – 17th Century music
Rodolfo Baroncini
Tim Carter
Paolo Cecchi
Daniele Torelli
John Whenham

Editorial board – 18th Century music
Bianca Maria Antolini
Alberto Basso
Mariateresa Dellaborra
Teresa Gialdroni
Friedrich Lippmann († 2019)
Renato Palazzi († 2021)
Guido Salvetti
Agostino Ziino

Fondazione Arcadia published two separate series of music:

  1. The  FONDAZIONE ARCADIA – ITALIAN MUSIC FROM THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY Series is edited by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation in collaboration with Società Italiana di Musicologia and is published by the printing works of L.I.M. (Libreria Musicale Italiana, Lucca – It is dedicated to publication of critical edition of unpublished works to satisfy the need to produce an accurate text from the philological standpoint that is at the same time of accessible use to performers.
  2. The FONDAZIONE ARCADIA series, published by Carisch, proposes critical editions of Italian music from the Baroque period (printed scores accompanied by printable parts on CD ROM), and is mainly intended for use by musicians and students.

Detailed information is available on the Publication’s Catalogue Page


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