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Accademia d’Arcadia

Give the Present a Past




The instrumental ensemble  Accademia d’Arcadia was born within the Fondazione Arcadia  to complete and crown its research and study work.

The ensemble is characterized by special care in the choice of programming, by  attention to the rediscovering of unpublished sources, and by an interpretation of early repertoires that combines historical performance practices with modern sensibility. This work joins together the aspects related to performance of music exclusively entrusted to period instruments and theoretical work through careful study of early sources, the attention given to performance practices, and the knowledge of related historical and cultural contexts.
The ensemble’s elaboration of music programs follows a thematic research with a broad spectrum, and single projects are dedicated to figures from the world of music, literature, art, and science.

Accademia d’Arcadia has been the first Early Music ensemble in Italy to program multi discipline performances: we propose performances that we like to define as “global” in their intention to stimulate more senses at one time and to place music into a wider, more modern, richer and more engaging  context. Through recent years Accademia d’Arcadia has authored various projects connecting Early Music with other disciplines, and collaborating with young movie makers and famous theater companies like ANAGOOR (see  Galileo Project,  Artemisia Project).

Accademia d’Arcadia has performed concerts for the most important Italian and foreign festivals ad concert series and recorded for Brilliant Classics, Dynamic and Arcana|Outhere. (see Recordings page)

Instrumental ensemle

Fabrizio Haim Cipriani                                            violin*
Davide Monti                                                            violin*
Gian Andrea Guerra                                                violin
Valentina Soncini                                                      viola
Claudia Pasetto                                                        viola da gamba
Nicola Brovelli                                                          cello
Matteo Cicchitti                                                        violone             
Marta Graziolino                                                      baroque harp
Luigi Accardo                                                            harpsichorf and organ
Giovanni Bellini                                                        theorbo
José Manuel Fernández Bravo                               recorder
Pietro Modesti                                                          cornetto
Matteo Rabolini                                                        percussions

* first


In 2018 an autonomous and independent  vocal ensemble different from the instrumental ensemble was created. Its members were selected through international auditions: the group has a variable number of members.
The group has been created to explore a most important but still unpublished repertoire and to combine (as the instrumental ensemble does) academica research (thanks to Fondazione Arcadia’s musicologicla staff) and historical performance.

The first large scale project of the vocal ensemble is dedicated to Alessandro Grandi, in collaboration with UtFaSol Ensemble.
The project includes  the recording of Grandi’s motets (Celesti fiori, i motetti di Alessandro Grandi) for the label Arcana|Outhere, released in July 2019 (see CD page) and a concert tour  all over Italy (see Upcoming).
The Grandi project continues in 2020 with Lætatus sum: recording and performing Grandi’s Psalms.

Vocal ensemble


Cristina Fanelli
Laura Martínez Boj
Maria Chiara Gallo


Elena Carzaniga
Andrea Arrivabene
Sophia Patsi
Maximiliano Baños


Luca Cervoni
Andrès Montilla Acurero
Riccardo Pisani
Massimo Altieri
Roberto Rilievi
Leonardo Moreno


Renato Cadel
Alessandro Ravasio
Guglielmo Buonsanti



Alessandra Rossi Lürig is founder and conductor of both ensembles.

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