Galileo Project

“The order of the eye”

 Interdisciplinary  performance
 early music  | electronic music | storytelling and videoart
 inspired by Galileo Galilei



Alessandra Rossi Lürig e Gianmaria Sortino
Gianmaria Sortino
V. Galilei, M. Galilei, C. Monteverdi, A. Grandi, C. Malvezzi, G. B. Fontana, F. Turini, S. Rossi, B. Marini
Cristina Fanelli, Accademia d’Arcadia
Christian La Rosa
Paolo Borgonovo, Leo Moreno, Renato Cadel
Sofia Costantini
© 2016 Fondazione Arcadia e Habanero

Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza
“Conversazioni”, 69° ciclo di spettacoli classici del Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza 2016

Basilica di San Teonisto, Treviso
Almamusica433, “Musica antica in casa Cozzi”, in cooperation with Fondazione Benetton


The project

« … Shall we not admire a musician who, by singing and representing to us quarrels and passions of a lover, would move us to compassion of him, much more than if he did so by crying?… And all the more we would admire him, if by keeping silent, with his instrument only, by dissonances and musical accents full of pathos, he was able to do so… »

(Galileo – Letter to Lodovico Cardi, June 1612, Works, vol. XI)

The Order Of The Eye is a performance project inspired by the figure of Galileo Galilei through an Early Music | electronic music | narration and video-art concert.

Our aim is to give new perspective of the figure of Galileo as a man, not only as a genial scientist and father of modern European thinking, but also as an extremely skilled musician, son of Vincenzo Galilei, a famous composer and theorist, author of treatises, who together with the members of the Florentine Camerata contributed to the birth of the new style of Monody and the development of the science of musical acoustics.

Galileo is a figure caught in the middle of two revolutions: the scientific revolution in a strict sense, and a musical revolution.

These two cannot be separated in the life of Galileo, and we wish to narrate this aspect: how science and music are for Galileo the true voice of the “great book of Nature” that is the Universe explored through observation, experimenting and reasoning, also thanks to the teaching of his father: THE ORDER OF THE EYE.

To illustrate this vision, in addition to the music of the Galilei family and their contemporaries, video images inspired by Galileo, live electronics and a narrating voice reading Galileo’s texts all concur together.


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