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First week of reviews for “Lætatus sum – Vesper Psalms”

A week after the release of “Lætatus sum – Vesper Psalms”, the second volume of our series published by Arcana | Outhere Music and devoted to venetian composer Alessandro Grandi, the first reviews are starting to come out!

[…] The ensemble Accademia d’Arcadia, founded in 2019 and conducted by Alessandra Rossi Lürig , sings the psalm settings with great passion. Sometimes with just a solo, accompanied by baroque organ, theorbo and violin, sometimes in full, eight-part choir with four sonorous sackbuts (baroque trombones) of the UtFaSol ensemble . The “Magnificat” splendidly reflects the movement of Mary’s soul and the variations’ possibilities in the “Gloria patri” seem limitless.
Anja-Rosa Thöming – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 13 – 2022


[…] If you want thousand arms to be lift you up with the interwining of singing voices and bronze baroque trombones, you must hear Accademia d’Arcadia’s album of choral music by the Northern Italian prodigy Alessandro Grandi (1590-1630). Grandi was a native Venetian who, at the beginning of the 17th century, played an important important role in northern Italian music life. Whereas boys only officially entered the choir of San Marco entered the choir of San Marco as choirboys at around 20, Grandi did so already at the age of 14 because of his exceptional talent. He sang music by Giovanni Gabrieli and the spaciousness of his use of cori spezzati (choirs arranged in space for a stereo effect) can be heard in his psalm settings. In the massive ten-voice Magnificat and the compelling Lauda Jerusalem, singers spout heavenly harmonies. Individually the singers sound a little too penetrating, together they are angels. The long chords at the end of the verses are played by trumpets and trombones of the amazing UtFaSol ensemble..
Maartje Stokkers – de Volkskrant, June 16 – 2022


Listen to Lætatus Sum -Vesper Psalms!


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