G. B. Sammartini | Due Sinfonie concertate per violino

Giovanni Battista SAMMARTINI (1701-1775)
Due Sinfonie concertate per violino (J-C 78.2, J-C 70)
Critical edition by Ada Beate Gehann

LIM Editore, Lucca
Collana Musiche italiane del Settecento
in collaborazione con Società Italiana di Musicologia


In the stylistic upheaval of instrumental music Giovanni Battista Sammartini (1700/01–1775) played a central role from 1730 on, together with his Milanese colleagues Antonio Brioschi, Melchiorre Chiesa, Ferdinando Galimberti, count Giorgio Giulini and Giovanni Battista Lampugnani. Symphonies and chamber music certainly constitute the core of Sammartini’s instrumental output, a smaller group of works is represented by the concertos, a genre to which Sammartini dedicated several decades of his creative life and to which he made an important contribution with regard to the historical development.


The influence of the symphonies lingers unmistakably on the concertos, as it is well evidenced in the two symphonic concertos for solo violin and orchestra that are presented in this volume: the Sinfonia concertata in Bb Major J-C 78.2 and the Concerto in D Major J-C 70. The two concertos effectively illustrate Sammartini’s last period of production: presumably composed towards 1765, they present a mixed form in which characteristic elements of the sinfonia are fused together in various ways with those of the concerto.
These works have come down to us from a single source from the Eighteenth century: the concerto in Bb Major can be found in a manuscript from Milan conserved at the State Archive of Lower Saxony in Wolfenbüttel. The concerto in D Major was printed in London by Robert Bremner together with other works by Sammartini, the sinfonia J-C 21 and the violin concerto J-C 78; the advertising announcement for the print appeared on the Public Advertiser of London on November 27, 1766. 

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