Giovanni Bononcini | Cantate con strumenti


Vol. I – Biblioteca del Monumento Nazionale (Library of the National Monument)   Le cantate profane

of Montecassino, ms. 1-C-9/2
Critical edition edited by di Michele Vannelli





Critical edition based on ms. 1-C-9/2 of Montecassino.

Introduction and critical apparatus in Italian and English.

The six cantatas which are the object of this present edition date back from the period of the second residence in Rome of the author, and were most likely commissioned to him by the Count of Gallas. They are all on pastoral subjects: the themes are those of unrequited love, of jealousy, of absence; the characters are stereotypes of the enamored shepherd and of the ungrateful or unfaithful nymph; each idyll has its happy ending, generally as a consequence of the protagonist’s resignation.

It is a group of homogeneous compositions from the stand point of chronological proximity, and of formal structure and style, that well represents the degree of refinement that the art of Bononcini reached in this genre of music.

Contains the following cantatas

Corre dal monte al prato, Misero, e che fa deggio, Ecco Dorinda il giorno, Pastor come diverso, Poiché Fille superba, Vago augelletto.

LIM Editore, Lucca

Pages: XLVI + 79

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