Giovanni Bononcini | Cantate a Clori

Giovanni BONONCINI (1670-1747)                                                                       Cantate a Clori    

Critical edition edited by Sara Dieci
LIM Editore, Lucca



A critical edition based on various sources. Introduction and critical apparatus in Italian and English.

The character and gestures of Clori are among the most favorite of Arcadian poetry between Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries; innumerable chamber vocal compositions are dedicated to this beloved nymph, showing the most variegated facets of her character. In this anthology, some samples of the production of Giovanni Bononcini that adopt this narrative program are presented for the first time: eight compositions for solo voice and continuo that, in addition to describing the many faces of Clori, exemplify different formal assets of the cantata in its period of full maturity.

Contains the following cantatas

Clori mio ben mia vita, Clori saper vorrei, Lungi dalla mia Clori, Mi non s’udì cred’io, Clori bell’idol mio, Con trasparente velo, Clori perché mi fuggi, Per la morte di bella ninfa.

LIM Editore, Lucca

Pages: LI + 51

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ISBN 978-88-7096-617-6

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