G. B. Sammartini | L’Addolorata divina Madre e Desolatissima nella Soledad JC 123

Giovanni Battista Sammartini (1701-1775)

Cantata sacra a tre voci

(Sacred cantata for three voices)

Critical edition edited by Marina Vaccarini Gallarani

LIM Editore, Lucca
Collection of Italian Music from the Eighteenth Century
in collaboration with Società Italiana di Musicologia.

Scientific Committee:
Alberto Basso, Mariateresa Dellaborra, Teresa Gialdroni, Friedrich Lippmann, Guido Salvetti, Agostino Ziino


L’Addolorata Divina Madre e Desolatissima nella Soledad (J-C 123) is the fifth of the cycle of cantatas of 1759 composed by Sammartini in Milan for the religious functions of the five Fridays of Lent that were celebrated every year at the Reale Imperiale Congregazione del Santissimo Entierro di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo (Royal Imperial Congregation of the Most Holy Burial of Our Lord Jesus Christ) located in the Domus Professa of the Jesuit Fathers in San Fedele in Milan.

The first performance took place in San Fedele on April 6, 1759.

From a chronological standpoint L’addolorata divina Madre is located on the threshold of the last stylistic period of Sammartini’s production, which – according to the three part scheme proposed by Bathia Churgin – was more heavily marked by the attempt to contain the imaginative alternation and juxtaposition of theme cells that characterized the asymmetrical language of aphorism of his previous works, into a greater formal and stylistic rigor.

LIM Editore, Lucca
Pages; XXIII + 60 
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ISBN 88-7096-424-8

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